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Conversations. Connections. Collaborations.

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Conversations. Connections. Collaborations.

Meet new people, engage them in a conversations, explore the opportunities, work out how to collaborate. The Community Chamber believes in connecting to and with business people from all walks of life and from all across the world.

Business Chats

Different ideas, powerful insights, lateral thinking.

Like-minded business people sharing experiences and knowledge. Every Friday 09:00-10:00 GMT+2. Join the discussion. Bring YOUR business questions, challenges and opportunities to the virtual table. Join in and share your insights.

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The Chamber has Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube presences. Great content, articles and ideas can be found on these channels. Please like, subscribe & share. If you have content you would like to contribute too, it’s a great place to get noticed.




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Why Us?

The Community Chamber of Commerce espouses the philosophies of abundance thinking, co-operation, collaboration, coopetition, joint ventures and strategic alliances. Our founders and core membership team have built and developed many different businesses over many years. Taken operations from start-up to listing on the stock exchange. Built national franchises and international networks. We passionately believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and the right to self-determination. Above all we believe the business of business is PROFIT and that we should have fun building such businesses.
If these philosophies resonate with you in any way then you should be part of this dynamic growing community!

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