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Project Showcase

Born out of a collaboration between the Chamber and member organisation Dzines, the was conceptually launched as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown struck in March 2020.

A physical event had been planned ..



.. for April 2020 to enable the smaller businesses involved within the Chamber to exhibit their own products and services, as traditional exhibitions are typically just too expensive for them to participate in.

Lockdown on the 27th March 2020 put an instant stop to that, as it did for many businesses and industries around the world.

This, however, only energized the Chamber and together with Dzines we established the concept, brand and platform for the .

Recognizing the major impact the lockdown had on businesses, and the mindset change required for small businesses to take advantage of an event like this, the Chamber took the significant decision of sponsoring the entire event! Thus making it free for all to attend and exhibit.

The event launched on the 19th of June and boasted 4 days of online activity. There were 32 conference speaking sessions with topics and speakers from around the globe! Over 114 businesses listed their products and services for visitors to attend and see.

Visit the archives of the recorded sessions here.

The that was launched on 19th June 2020 spawned yet another concept that the Chamber and it’s members quickly developed. The was born.

All the exhibitors that participated in the June event were migrated to the



– an online 24/7/365 environment for businesses to have their own online e-commerce shop in a VIRTUAL Mall where visitors and customers can attend & shop, and browse around just as they would in a physical mall.

The is now open to any business that would like to list its products and services on the web.

In keeping the Chamber’s philosophy of simple clear pricing structures, there are three different options for store owners to consider when signing up.

The connections and excitement that was generated from the, led the Chamber to develop a new event and exhibition. This exhibition was held on 24th September 2020 – Heritage Day in South Africa.

The was born. Sub-titled “Rebuilding a Shattered Economy”.


The Chamber and its members put together this 10 hour event, featuring speakers and exhibitors from around the globe. It was a day to be remembered!

Visit the event archives here.

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